ReleaseNotes; Update your product?

ReleaseNotes; Update your product?

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If you have recently completed product updates, it's important you let your customers know you have made improvements to your product. One of the most effective ways to share news of your updates and your product's story is to create and distribute release notes. In this blog post, we look at why release notes are important and how they can share news of your product updates.

1. Customer engagement

Release notes are a powerful tool that can help engage new and existing users with your product. For example, if you have recently upgraded an area of your product and share this information with your customers via a release note, this proves to your customers that you are actively working to improve and advance your product. This not only makes you look like a professional, dedicated company, but it also makes your customer feel valued.

2. Improved communication

Release notes are not just beneficial for your customers. They are useful factsheets for your employees to use when referencing or trying to sell your product. In companies of all sizes, it is easy for misinformation to spread. Release notes, however, improve communication between departments and can be used to fact check and reference information. If a customer contacts your customer service team with a query, for example, your customer service rep can direct them to a release note that answers their question.

3. Share your story

The change log of your product is a historical log that accounts for every change, improvement and fixes you have made to your product. In short, your change log tells the story of your product. Release notes can share your product story to your customers and network, celebrating the success and effort of your team.

4. Education

Not all of your customers will have the same digital background and understanding of technology. A release note can be used to educate your customers about how a new feature or update to your products works. Release notes can also be used to link additional documents and sources, such as a video run-through of your new product update. This ensures your audience have the knowledge they need to use any new update to your product and your customer service team is not overwhelmed with queries and questions.

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