Benefits of disposable temporary phone numbers

Benefits of disposable temporary phone numbers

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Temporary disposable phone numbers for SMS are a cost-effective and secure way to protect yourself online. They are set up for a limited time (often just a month or two) allowing you to complete any verification required by the service provider. Once this is done, the number is eliminated, meaning no follow-up correspondence by SMS either from the provider or a third-party.

Here are some of the significant benefits to had from temporary disposable phone numbers for SMS.



In today’s digital world, protecting your identity is one of the most pressing concerns affecting the public at large. Distributing personal information like your real mobile number can run the risk of identity theft, cyberstalking, and other unwanted online attention. By making use of temporary disposable phone numbers for SMS when signing up for online services, you can protect yourself from all of this and more.



The key to temporary disposable phone numbers for SMS is just that – they are temporary and disposable. You use one when you need it – for signing up to a new online account, for instance – then forget about it when you don’t. With their limited lifespan, these numbers expire shortly after they’ve completed the service you require them for. Need another number for a future sign-up? Simply get yourself another number!

Eliminates spam


Once you provide your mobile number to a company, you are on their mailing list for better or worse. Some businesses have terms of use that permits them to use your personal data for marketing purposes. In the real world, this means a seemingly endless stream of spam messages directly to your phone. In some cases, your number is passed on to third parties (again, as you permitted when agreeing to their terms of service). With a disposable temporary phone number for SMS, you never have to worry about this follow-up marketing ever again.

Accepted worldwide


Most providers don’t go to the trouble of verifying whether the number you provide belongs to an actual phone or a virtual mailbox. If you can receive their verification code, you can proceed to their main site without further hurdles. You can sign up to some of the world’s biggest online brands in this manner. These include Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, Webmoney, Twitter, Gmail, Baidu, Amazon, Tinder, Chatroulette, eBay, LinkedIn, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Protect your own mobile number online by taking advantage of a disposable temporary phone number for SMS today.