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Grabify IP Logger & Url Shortener

Grabify IP Logger & Url Shortener

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The internet is not only the primary means of communication today; it also underpins many of the transactions and social exchanges we make. Everything takes place online, so having a means of tracking your engagement is crucial. Grabify is one of the most useful online tools to give you some insight into, and control over, the reach of your online presence. Read on to find out how.


Introducing Grabify


Grabify is an advanced and robust IP logger as well as a URL shortener. It divulges metadata and detailed statistical data about the links you provide for tracking.

Creating URLs


Grabify allows you to create short, encrypted URLs which are easy to share thanks to their reduced number of characters. The links never expire either, so you don't need to update your communications regularly.

Tracking URLs


The power of Grabify comes from its feature as an IP logger. Once you create a URL, this online tool will track it to determine who is interacting with it. This feature will disclose to you the characteristics of those clicking your links. This means Grabify can be used to determine the location, language, time, time zone, and the devices most commonly used to access your links. This is all invaluable information to understand your prospects and clients and develop better targetted online marketing strategies.

Using Grabify


To determine the actual location of someone on the internet as well as their device characteristics with Grabify, all you’ll need is a link that may be useful to them. It could be a link to another website, an image, or a downloadable file. Once you have the link, paste it on Grabify, and it will generate a short and encrypted URL, which you can send to whomever you like. When the person clicks the link, Grabify will track and record the details of the device that was used to access it amongst other unique data as follows:

  • the device’s IP address
  • the country of the device used to access the link
  • the battery power of the device
  • whether the device was charging
  • the screen orientation of the device
  • the screen resolution
  • date and time
  • time zone
  • the language the device is using
  • whether the private browser mode was active when the link was accessed
  • the browser that was used to access the link
  • the local IP address
  • the hostname
  • the ISP of the network used to access the link

Bottom line


Grabify is a powerful, advanced and robust online tool able to provide unique insights into the real individuals interacting with your digital content. To find out more about those clicking on your links online, take advantage of Grabify to create and track them.