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How to remove viruses and malware from your PC

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We all know how to keep our computers safe now, right? Install antivirus software and let that take care of you. Sit back, browse and download to your heart's content and watch the little digital warrior in the bottom right of your screen shoot down invaders with robotic precision.

But what happens when you forget to update and something sneaks through? Or, perish the thought, you forgot to install the software in the first place? Now you're in a predicament. Surprisingly, not many people know how to cleanse their own computer after a successful virus or malware infection.

Step-by-step virus removal

By following these instructions, you can get your PC up and running at full speed again in no time. Hey, you can even help your friends do the same when they fall foul of the shady characters out there on the web seeking to make your life a misery.

Safe mode

The first thing to do is restart your machine in Safe Mode. This where only essential programs and drivers are booted up. If the malware infection is set to kick start each time you switch on, this should sidestep it loading for now. It's much easier to wipe out the malware when it's not actually running.

Delete temps

Once you're in Safe Mode you'll want to delete temporary files. This is a straightforward process that clears disk space and allows virus scanners to work quickly and effectively. It may even eradicate some or all of the virus. Just search for Disk Cleanup and you're good to go.

Download malware software

As we identified at the start, this is different than normal antivirus software. These are programs designed especially for cleaning infected machines. A quick Google search will find you tonnes of options - just flick through the reviews and select one that fits your needs.

Your malware program will provide a debrief about what it's caught. It may even target some dubious things you weren't even aware were installed. Sometimes we can happily run our computers with malware sitting in the background for months, and it's only when another virus comes along that grinds us to a halt that the first culprit gets found.

Run your normal antivirus - or install a new one!

Once you're back to normal, running your usual software will give you peace of mind. Or if you were foolishly browsing without protection, now's the time to scour the market. Making sure you're protected can prevent this whole debacle from ever happening again.

We hope this provides you with the tools to fight cybercrime, but if you're still floundering then get in touch and our virus and malware removal experts can offer their services.