The Benefits of Antivirus Software

The Benefits of Antivirus Software

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Protect yourself from attack, and make sure your anti-virus software protects you from these dangers.

While giving us the option to connect to the entire world, and learn anything at the drop of a hat, the internet can also be a place that leaves you vulnerable to malware, identity-stealing scams and more. How can you protect yourself from these dangers?

Anti-virus protection is a real way to protect yourself from the dangers of surfing online. Here we’ve collated some of the most important benefits of installing good anti-virus software.

Protection from Viruses

The clue is in the name! Viruses are the most common attacks on computers, and can create lots of problems, and cause lots of damage. Most often viruses, Trojans, and worms masquerade as a link within an email, or as an automatic download when you visit a phishing website.

Even if you are savvy, and know what looks suspicious, you have to remember that so are the hackers. They are finding more and more ways to get viruses on your computers. Some even disguise their viruses as free anti-virus software, or as messages and alerts from your bank. Good anti-virus software will recognise and stop 99.99% of viruses.

Protection from Spam

Spam - the internet’s answer to junk mail. Spam can be extremely irritating, but what a lot of people are not aware of is that spam can be the result of an undetected virus on your PC. Since anti-virus software detects and removes viruses, by installing it you should see a massive reduction in the amount of spam you receive. Not all anti-virus software will come with spam detection/removal, so make sure you choose one that includes it.

Protection against Spyware and Identity Theft

One of the most important features of anti-virus software is one that will protect you against viruses and rootkits that spy on your activity online. Some spyware is programmed to monitor your activity in real-time, including your passwords, email addresses, personal data, banking information and credit card numbers.

The software will wait for you to make a purchase, then share your data, usually with a hacker located somewhere remote who then uses the information to make purchases and access your personal banking data. Worse still, they may sell your information to somebody willing to steal your identity, which can be an extremely difficult problem to rectify.

When selecting anti-virus software, make sure you look for a name you can trust, and software that will cover for all the above and more!