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How to choose a data-recovery service: top tips revealed

How to choose a data-recovery service: top tips revealed

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When your data becomes inaccessible or lost for any reason, you better have a backup - an effective way of preventing data loss.

Unfortunately, even backups can suffer from malfunctions at times, especially when you rely on SD card or memory stick. When such a thing happens, you’ll need the services of a data recovery specialist to salvage all of your important information.

So, how do you choose a good firm?

Here are some tips to help you land the best data recovery company:

Consider reputation

Problems with portable memory cards or hard drives need expert assistance. The last thing you want is to go the DIY route. Additionally, it’s prudent to avoid ‘free’ online software services which promise results but leave you with frustration and malware.

To enjoy sterling results, you need the services of a quality recovery company with a record of accomplishment. Ensure your prospective company not only has positive online reviews but is also forthcoming with referrals.

Moreover, a company must have the right technology and personnel to carefully open devices and safely extract information.

Consider industry certifications

While industry certifications are not a guarantee of competency, they usually point to overall adherence to best practices and processes. Unquestionably, certifications enhance trustworthiness. This is especially important if a provider is handling sensitive data, medical information, and personal data.

Before you hand over your damaged drive, ensure you see and verify certifications.

Can the company handle multiple problems?

Of great importance to note is that data can be corrupted in various ways. The dynamic nature of problems needs utmost professionalism on the part of a data recovery employee. A firm must know which approach to employ to a particular problem.

For instance, trying to get information from a SSD card inside a water-logged digital camera demands a different approach compared to dealing with a laptop’s corrupted hard drive.

Consider customer experience

A provider’s ability to deliver quality customer experience is an important factor to consider. When looking at online reviews and following up on referrals, you need to pay close attention to customer service ratings. Your provider must be able to communicate transparently about your potential project even if they have bad news for you. The company must always provide speedy and complete communication at every stage of a project.

Searching for the best data recovery company can be confusing. The huge number of providers in the market today doesn’t make matters any better. If you’re looking for the best data recovery service, let the above four tips guide you.