hCaptcha - Stop more bots and start getting paid

hCaptcha - Stop more bots and start getting paid

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While reCAPTCHA has been a staple for online businesses and services for what feels like decades, what once worked isn’t always the best approach for modern companies when it comes to maintaining privacy and security for users. hCaptcha is part of the new, user-friendly and practical generation of bot-blocking tools, building upon the Captcha legacy to create something thoroughly modern.

Want to know more about what hCaptcha is, how it works, and how it measures up? Read on to find out more:

What is hCaptcha?


hCaptcha is, as the name suggests, a fully-fledged Captcha tool that is designed to keep bots and spam out while letting genuine users in. Developed to support businesses in improving the privacy and security of users, as well as the site itself, this smart tool acts as a simple drop-in alternative to systems like reCAPTCHA. But what sets the service apart is the fact that the company pays you to use the system – rather than the other way around. The platform also offers comprehensive data labelling as part of their services.

How does it work?


Much like other Captcha systems, hCaptcha acts as the gate between your website and the many bots lurking around the internet. Typically, when logging in or creating an account, a Captcha will appear to confirm that you’re a person rather than a bot – something any veteran internet user is familiar with. hCaptcha also utilises a specific difficulty system, adapting the user experience and offering the option for businesses to tailor the tool to their exact needs. Depending on the security requirements and service of a website, it’s possible to change the difficulty of ‘passing’ these checks on a dedicated slider.

What are the benefits of hCaptcha?


At the heart of hCaptcha is a sophisticated machine learning model. This provides a far more robust user experience by way of reducing frustration and allowing ‘auto-passing’ for users the system deems to be safe. While older Captcha systems may rely on a drawn-out login process each time, hCaptcha streamlines this workflow by correctly and accurately identifying what is a risk and what isn’t.

One of the most intelligent parts of the hCaptcha system is their data labelling services. For customers looking for more than just a basic Captcha system, the data this tool gathers can be invaluable. Combined with the smooth, easy-to-use and practical integration of the hCaptcha system, there’s a reason why this Captcha tool is one of our top picks for businesses.

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